• Michelle Beauchene

what is salt/halo therapy?

salt/halo therapy has a plethora of health and mental health factors. our guests have reported relief with sinus, allergy, flu, cold, coughs, asthma, sleep issues, inflammation, leveling out blood sugars, COPD, emphysema, stress, anxiety, depression, and skin issues such as eczema, acne, and rosacea.

the best medical grade salt is filtered through halo generator and vented into the room. the room is very relaxing and tranquil. you will chose an essential oil blend to be diffused during your salt session. the essential oil blends help with colds, sinuses, asthma, allergies, stress, and relaxation. our candle lit room can accommodate up to six people. you will never be our rooms with strangers. its your space when you book it and if you want to bring friends and family, we can accommodate five of them in addition to you.

your session is 45 minutes. you will recline in a comfortable chair suited for any body style. you ca wear your own clothing, a bathing suit or whatever you are comfortable in. we provide spa robes and wraps.

you can add a chair massage with our licensed massage therapist or afoot soak during your salt session too! these additions must be added when you make your appointment to ensure staff availability. everyone loves this added service to their salt experience. the massage focuses on the mid and upper back, neck and shoulders and head.

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